March 24, 2022

Ep. 172 True Crime: The Murders of Ranbing “Jennifer” Ji and Kevin Peng

We made it y'all! We finished season 26 of The Bachelor. Thank you for sticking with us. On the finale and After the Final Rose (ATFR) we saw the conclusion of the segment that has been teased all season long when we saw Clayon tell Gabby and Rachel that he was in love and was intimate with both of them. In addition, we see Clayton basically living a double life, telling Gabby and Rachel he was in love with them and telling Susie he loved her the most.

This week Danielle tells you of a traditional love triangle, with a twist. Jennifer Ji came to live the American Dream, with her rich and successful boyfriend. The only problem was, her boyfriend also had a wife and kids in the next town over. Every second of this high-profile case was covered by the media in the US and China. The entire story ends in a way that no one could see coming.

(Story Starts at: 8:16)


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