March 18, 2022

Ep. 171 True Crime: The Murders of Janice Pietropola and Lynn Seethaler

Last week was… a lot. We had Women Tell All and the Fantasy Suites. Because of the way things ended with the Fantasy Suites episode, Megan decided to base a story on Susie, who is from Virginia Beach, Virginia. There were several options for stories to choose from, and we put it to a vote on our Instagram stories, and this is the option chosen by YOU!

Janice Pietropola and Lynn Seethaler were two young women who just wanted a girl's week at the beach. When they didn’t return home to Pittsburgh, their families started to get worried, and when a hotel employee walked into their room, they were met with an absolutely horrifying scene. This story occurs in 1973 but has updates as recent as December 2021. (Story Starts at: 6:03)

CONTENT WARNING: Sexual assault

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