Feb. 16, 2022

Ep. 160: The Bachelor: Tears, Tears, Hashtag Tears (Season 26, Week 6)

We are bringing back the tarot readings for every episode of Clayton’s season of The Bachelor. This week Megan asked the Final Rose Tarot cards what we can expect from this season of the Bachelor. Megan pulled the Queen of Mirrors, aka the Bitch card. We think this card is telling us about the downfall of one villain, and the rise of another.

Ya’ll, Clayton is so dumb. We just cannot say it enough. The decisions just don’t make any kind of sense. This week we FINALLY see Shanae go home. We do get an iconic moment from OUR NEXT BACHELORETTE (in our dreams, not confirmed or a spoiler) Gabby! Per the usual Bachelor Formula, as soon as the current villain goes home, another one emerges. We see Mara start to unravel and target Sarah. We see Clayton say gross things about Teddi’s virginity, and we truly hate it. There’s also a knight-themed group date, and Sarah gets her second one-on-one date.

We discuss some recent Bachelor Nation News surrounding current contestants, specifically Marlena and Sarah, and some recent anti-Asian sentiments that were expressed on social media. Marlena has since apologized to Sarah, and Sarah has accepted, but we thought it was too important to not discuss.

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