Feb. 10, 2022

Ep. 159: The Murders of Harry and Harriette Moore

It’s Black History Month, and we are focusing on stories from the Black community.

Last week the show took us to a place they called an “international” destination, but it turned out to be Houston, Texas. In the case Megan tells today, one of the victims was born in Houston, Florida.

Megan tells the story of husband and wife Harry and Harriette Moore, who were the first couple to be killed in the Civil Rights Movement. Harry was the first NAACP official to be killed in the movement. The Moore’s murder was also very closely tied to the story of the Groveland Four, documented in the “Devil in the Grove” by Gilbert King.

CONTENT WARNING: race motivated murder, brief mention of sexual assault, brief mention of suicide. (Story Starts at: 6:33).

Links discussed in the Episode:

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