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Episode 6 The Bachelor: LTYH Week Two - Is There Anyone Left to Like?!

April 21, 2020

Ya'll, this week is rough not gonna lie! Listen to us recap week 2 of LTYH as we struggle with the people who are left and trying to find the ones we haven't seen, as we try to answer the question: is there anyone left to li…

Bachelor Nation

Episode 4 The Bachelor: LTYH Night One - Trevor is Jed in Disguise and We Don’t Have Energy for Toddlers After Peter’s Season

April 14, 2020

We (barely) made it through night one of The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart just for you! If you decided to watch or not, we recap the entire premiere and give you all our thoughts. Send us an email with your favorites and a…

Bachelor Nation

Episode 2 The Bachelor: Jed Could Have Skipped Hannah B.’s Season and Waited for This Show, Listen to Your Heart Cast Bio Breakdown

April 6, 2020

We are gearing up for the April 13, 2020 premiere of the new Bachelor franchise show Listen to Your Heart (L2YH)! We are diving deep into the cast bios and talking about the structure of the show. Listen along and let us kno…