Dec. 20, 2020

Bachelor Nation Holiday Extravaganza December 2020 Bachelor Patreon Exclusive

This is a sneak peek of our December 2020 Bachelor Patreon Exclusive content.

You can hear the full episode here. Starting at the $3 level of our Patreon membership!

The holiday season is upon us and we are ready to celebrate! We got together with some of our favorite Bachelor podcast rose buds: Loren (from the Basic Bitch Podcast), Bix (from In the Moment with Liv and Bix), and Abi (from Portal8 Podcast).

We chat about what we’re grateful for from the Bachelor franchise, what gifts we want from Papa Chris and would give to certain contestants from the show and who is on our naughty list.

Links to the Podcasts:

Basic Bitch Podcast

In the Moment with Liv and Bix

Portal 8 Podcast

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