About the Podcast

Hey there!

We're Megan and Danielle, and we are Crime and Roses. We're a true crime and Bachelor recap Podcast! During the airing of a Bachelor franchise season, we will recap episodes and spill all the latest tea. Each week, we'll also tie a true crime story in with Bachelor Nation. If you have a suggestion of a true crime story for us to cover, we would love to hear about it! You can email us at crimeandroses@gmail.com.

We are two Georgia attorneys who used to work together, and we randomly bonded over the Bachelor and true crime. We started watching the Bachelor together at a restaurant in Atlanta (they had delicious food) and one day Danielle asked Megan to start a podcast with her, and the rest is history!

We have one rule on this podcast: whenever you hear Danielle mention she's from Minnesota, TAKE A DRINK.

Love you mean it, 

Megan and Danielle